Spectra Colorado is a developer, builder and a friend of the community.

Today’s market requires a developer with vision, understanding and a great deal of flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing trends and advancements in the building field. Spectra Colorado is just that kind of company. We provide flexible designs, cutting edge creativity, and a willingness to listen. Our approach creates customer involvement with an emphasis on satisfaction, and teamwork with municipal officials to produce the best possible product for any given property.

Spectra Colorado joins the hands of all participants in reaching a common goal from quality designed projects, to attention to the smallest detail, a focus on civil and environmental issues, and our determined consideration and understanding of customer’s needs. Our integrity within the community follows our good name and is supported by numerous city officials, contractors, vendors and, of course, our valued customers.

Development is a process of blending vision with reality.

Our products reflect this goal. Spectra Colorado has a hands-on approach to business and has achieved consistent growth through small, sure steps based on a carefully prepared strategy. The various decisions that are incorporated into our developments include landscape balance, building function, engineering success, closure of incomplete elements, consistency with the surrounding developments, accessibility of the community, wildlife considerations, enhancement of surrounding property values and competitive pricing.

The following is a sampling of the state of the art projects we are producing and marketing currently:

Commercial - Jefferson Office Park, The Union One Building

Residential - The Peaks at Green Mountain